The Boat     











Additional Specifications :

Carbon fibre hull, Moulded solar panel mountings,Carbon fibre batteries, Carbon fibre scupper plates (clour coded), Carbon wrapped rudder incl top. Autopilot system, Fuel cell system, Internal mount for life raft, Internal tube mountings for oars, Titanium back stays, Carbon rowlock plates, Colour pilot & deck repeater, Wind monitoring system and Display, Cameras, back and forward view, Deck mounted mutifunction display, Carbon seats, Carbon rails, Carbon foot stearing system, Cabin Cusions with Boogie Woogie embroidery, Fenders with name covers, Top range fuse panel, Deck lights, Ipod docing station for music through wireless headphones and movies at deck, Excel X3 Oars branded, Handrails around main hatch, Color coded lines, Extra Air Cabin vents,  Carbon fibre buckets and designed carbon fibre toilet, Inverter, extra solar panels  -Just to mentioned a few of the added specs to the boat.






The Adkin boat design is the first modern generation composite ocean rowing boat. The boat has been used in a number of combinations from solo's to fours. The design was the previous World Record holder of the Mid-Atlantic Solo speed record, and was the first solo physically disabled crew across any ocean. The boat holds the four man speed record across the Mid-Atlantic and the design has also been successfully rowed around Britain - the first boat ever to do so. In 2006, an Adkin pair was rowed solo across the North Atlantic skippered by Rob Munslow.
The basic hull is probably the fastest ocean rowing design in existance. It has been used for many custom built solo boats - that in time will continue to push the boundaries of this unique aspect of the sport.

Boogie Woogie has been design based on the Adkin Pairs boat, but with additional development with respect to weight, safety and life on board. The materials are 90 % Carbon Fiber and 10 % Kevlar and all metall parts are in Titanium, except flagpole.