The Team           



Brian Heron & Ole Elmer                                                                                





Ole Elmer:

Born in Denmark just outside Copenhagen in 1948 so I am 61 now. My Birthday is January the 11 so I will be 62 on the water. It is Brian´s birthday the same day - What a place to celebrate!

I was trained as a chef in Copenhagen. I worked in Paris for 2 years before moving to Canada, where I have lived for 40 years in Vancouver. 

I have canoed many major rivers in Canada and hiked in Venezuela and worked there for a year on the Guri dam project. 

Later I started a waffle company and baked over 8 billion waffles which I sold in Canada, USA, Mexico, Columbia, New Zealand and Australia. I had 500 people working for me when I sold the company in 2005 to Ralpcor, an American company specialising in private label. 

I have done a lot of biking in South America, Mexico and the USA. This is where I met two people, Tory Holmes and George Simpson who told me about the Atlantic Rowing Race so it was then that I figured out that I just had to try this adventure. 

Woodvale have build the most beautiful boat for us a real work of art. I told Simon Chalk don't spare the horses lets go all the way on this epic journey 


I completely look forward to this trip and I know how special it is going to be meeting all the people and to part of the excitement and to test the limit of my endurance.   

My biggest fear: Getting there to fast.

My team song: Dreaming My Dreams Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited 

My favourite hero: Piet Mondrian Dutch painter and Botero from Columbia 

My favourite food: Not freeze dried but will learn to like it!

My biggest hope: Getting there alive.

The best thing I heard: Simon Chalk: “just get in the boat and row”, Thanks Simon that's life.           





Brian Heron:

38 Years, born (1971) and live in Copenhagen, Denmark in a nice townhouse together with Mette.

I was sitting in a Hummer September 2008 in the heights of Whistler, Canada maybe with a bit of altitude sickness and was asked if I wanted to join in on the project by Ole. My immediate answer was "Yes off course why not".

After doing a little reading on the subject I was even more drawn into this challenge.

My background for taken up this challenge are not to be found within my rowing experience as it until May 2009 was equal to none at all so teaming up with Skovshoved Rowing club which’s was the best choice made, not only to get the necessary skills, but also because a lot of fantastic people have shown their interest and help to the project lead by my "rowing mum" Kate Skavin.

Besides rowing training I took up Training in the local Gym and Lars Kristensen has been a great help pushing me in the right direction.

I work as Scandinavian Supply Chain Manager for L'Oréal and after 10 years I look forward to take a little break before returning for the next 10 years.

Why row and row and row and row and row and row times 60-80 days?

This is a fantastic opportunity to do something spectacular so why not do it. Can you come up with something where you could say the same and then do it?